Repairs, Restretching, & Reinstallation

Carpet Repair

  • Eliminate Holes, Burns, Runs and Permanent Stains – Using a matching remnant or a section of carpet from your closet, we are able to replace damaged areas of all sizes.
  • Repair Frayed and Damaged Edges – Areas of carpet along walls or between carpet and hard surface flooring may pull away, tear or fray.  We are able to restretch or repair these areas.
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Restretch, Reseam, & Reinstall



Carpet that is older or improperly installed may develop wrinkles that can cause trip hazards, de-lamination (separation of the carpet’s secondary backing from the primary backing), or unsightly appearance.  We are able to make your carpet wrinkle-free and your home safe from trip hazards.

Carpet is sometimes taken up for remodeling a room or for restoring an area affected by water damage.  We can easily reinstall the carpet and supply new padding as needed.  


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